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Weinstein, the Nazis and you

In the red corner is Harvey Weinstein. Weighing in at over 250 pounds and a net worth of $250 millon. Nominated for over 100 awards, Academy awards winner, with an influence over some of the biggest names in Hollywood. In the blue corner, every single person in society including: disgusted members of the public, former… Keep Reading

How much choice do people want?

One of the things I’ve learned is that every time you offer a choice you paralyse some people who can’t decide if that’s what they want to do or not. They aren’t my words. They are those of Netflix’s chief product officer, Neil Hunt, who believes it’s counterproductive to offer customers more than one method… Keep Reading

Editor Pick/Media Psychology

Tony Abbott’s onion legacy

[wpdevart_youtube]NG91stro7tA[/wpdevart_youtube]   The onion is one of the most cultivated species of the genus ‘Allium’, has been eaten since as early as 5000 BC, and is a rich source of energy and vitamins. We know it as the vegetable that causes us to tear up and use it in some of the most popular dishes… Keep Reading

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