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Fans deal with their grief as David Lynch pulls out of Twin Peaks

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David Lynch’s announcement that he would not direct Twin Peaks Season 3 due to unsuccessful negotiations with Showtime has sent shock waves across fans who are dealing with this loss in different but expected ways.

After 1 year and 4 months of negotiations, I left because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done.

— David Lynch (@DAVID_LYNCH) April 5, 2015

Using the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief model, and assuming you are a fan of its return, how are you managing your grief?

Shelly Johnson ‘Denial’?

Like Shelly Johnson, you’d rather not face the truth of a difficult situation. For her, it was facing the abuse of her psychopathic husband, Leo Johnson. For Twin Peaks fans, it’s people stating that maybe this whole thing will blow over. Maybe Showtime will make Lynch an offer he can’t refuse. Perhaps Lynch is just playing hard ball with the negotiations…

Still hope via @Variety

— Nicholas Duck (@drduckforcover) April 6, 2015

Benjamin Horne ‘Bargaining’?

When coming to face with the prospect of grief, you may have entered into bargaining for a better outcome. Like Benjamin Horne, you may think you can somehow use your words and influence to change an unchangeable outcome.

For example, one fan has started an online petition to get Showtime to reconsider their negotiations with Lynch.

Now the original cast have jumped onto the bargaining bandwagon with a Facebook page directed at Showtime to save the return of Twin Peaks.

BREAKING! #twinpeaks cast members start a #savetwinpeaks FB page – / Exclusive cast video –

— Twin Peaks (@TwinPeaksArchve) April 7, 2015

Killer BOB ‘Anger’

Perhaps you are experiencing the rage of Killer BOB, furious at Showtime for their inability to convert Lynch.

Take these fans who have bombarded the Facebook page of Showtime to vent their frustrations.


Leland Palmer ‘Depression’


When finally faced with the inevitable, you may experience the very grief you have been avoiding. Twin Peaks isn’t coming back. Lynch is moving on.

You were simply fed false hope. Does this mean you should experience intense despair, like Leland Palmer? Or Donna Haywood?


New trending GIF tagged sad, crying, twin peaks, twin peaks, david lynch, donna hayward, lara flynn boyle via Giphy

— Kinson Chow (@kcswag77) April 8, 2015

Agent Cooper ‘Acceptance’


Or you could just suck it up and focus on the positive, like Agent Cooper, and accept your situation. Don’t look at me, I’m still in denial and this blog is my very own coping mechanism.


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